#Buffett2016 is in the books!! What a large, large time!

Here's some of the Best of Buffett 2016! Add your Best of Buffett memories here too!!

Best Captain – Brad
Best Moonshine – Casey
Best Hydraulic Technician -Sarah & the water guns
Best T-Shirt Alterations – Joanie
Best Convenience Store purchase – David & his Cowboy hat
Best Buffett Surprise – Mandy
Best Laugh (& face swap) – Stormie
Best Prop – Amy & Matt's shopping cart
Best (& fastest) Route to Buffett – Boyd
Best Buffett Virgins – Misty, Diane and Audrey
Best Virtual Presence – Angie on a Stick
Best Bloody Mary – CJ
Best Speed Racer – Steve
Best Blue Hawaiian – Paula
Best Margaritaville Drink dispenser – Tom
First Run In w/ the Law – David
Best Saint – Sweet LaDonna (for loving Boyd)
Shortest Distance Travelled – Macy
Longest Distance Travelled – Tom
Best Boob Juggler – Danny (thanks to his wife Tracy)
Best Clown Car – Steve, Joanie, Misty, Mandy, David, Tracey, Boyd & LaDonna
Best Spot in the Gold Lot – PPS & our new OK friends and The RVs
Best Opening Act – Jerry Jeff Walker
Best Concert Ever – Jimmy Buffett

Can't wait for next year!!!