The untold truth of Jimmy Buffett

"The myth of the cheeseburger in paradise goes back to a long trip on my first boat, the Euphoria," Buffett told Songfacts (via Latitude). After some rough weather while sailing from Hispaniola to Puerto Rico damaged their ship, Buffett and company found themselves in quite the predicament. As he explained, "The ice in our box had melted, and we were doing the canned-food-and-peanut-butter diet." Finally, when Buffett and companions mercifully landed on the island of Tortola, they discovered a bar and grill "on the end of the dock like a mirage." Unexpectedly and tantalizingly, the menu featured American-style cheeseburgers. "We gave particular instructions to the waiter on how we wanted them cooked, and what we wanted on them — to which very little attention was paid." Nevertheless, the overcooked burgers on blackened buns "tasted like manna from Heaven" to Buffett.

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Jimmy Buffett Jimmy Buffett

The untold truth of Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett has lived a life as colorful as that of a narrator in one of his own songs. So today, we're finally going to find that lost shaker of salt as we look at the untold truth of Jimmy Buffett.