What an Awesome Night!

What a phun night last night! Shark Beach Burgers did not disappoint!! Thank you for all those that came and supported The Sister-Bear Foundation. We missed those that were not able to make it. We raised $400.00. Whoop! Whoop! You guy’s are the BEST!! Always a large time with this group!!
**If you were not able to contribute last night and would like to you can Venmo or PayPal to @prairiesharks
Happy Hour

July Happy Hour

They saying goes “3rd times the charm. So with that said…What better place to have a Prairie Shark happy hour than at Shark Beach Burgers! We hope you can join us for a lot of Laughs, Fellowship and Phun! This quarter we are Partying with a Purpose to raise money for the Sister-Bear Foundation. PPS has been involved with the Sister-Bear Foundation for the past 4 years. This foundation holds a very special place in our hearts. If you are not aware of who and what the foundation is all about please check them out.
Bonus….Insufficient Funds will be playing on July 28th from 7:30-10:30
**For those that have not been to Shark Beach Burgers before there is limited sitting so be sure to bring your lawn chair, an umbrella for a little shade being there is none until the sun goes down, Also if you plan on eating you might order sooner than later due to the volume of people that might be ahead of you.
Happy Hour

July Happy Hour


It’s seems like forever, so lets get together! We hope you can join us for a lot of Phun. Friday the 12th at Hummers Sports Bar CafĂ©.

For the 2nd quarter of this year we raised $1,450.00 for the Sister-Bear Fund. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For being so giving to such a wonderful cause. Every little bit helps a whole lot! Hope you can join us to “Party with a Purpose”

This quarter we will be raising money for the Panhandle Angels. To find out more about the Panhandle Angels, call Hudson at 806-282-3452 or visit pafamarillo.com
Hope to see you there!