It's our birthday this month which means that it is also membership time. Membership is $20 ($21 on PayPal).
Last year, our club donated over $1200 to #CampAlfie, $2000 to the #LeardFoundation, over 500 to the Aaron Charity, $250 to the #AmericanCancerSociety, $1000 to the #ProstateCancerFoundation and over 900 pairs of socks donated to #FaithCityMission for #Socktober! Our club also clocked well over 100 hours of volunteer time across many organizations, including #SnackPak4Kids. Think what we could do in our community with your help and involvement!
Membership benefits include the opportunity to purchase club tickets for #JimmyBuffett concerts and parking spots options for tailgating, our PPS racquetball tournament in November and golf tournament in the spring. Not to mention awesome parties and happy hours!

Join in! Get involved!
You can pay dues by following the link below to our website and our PayPal account, bring your dues to Happy Hour on Friday or mail a check to 2403 SW 26th, Amarillo, 79109. Membership forms will be available at happy hour or can be emailed.…/
Come join us and party with a purpose!!

You can now pay your yearly membership fee online