Welcome to the

Panhandle Prairie Sharks

“Escape your world, relax in ours”

We call ourselves the Panhandle Prairie Sharks and we are Amarillo’s official chapter of the Parrot
Heads in Paradise (PHiP). Our purpose is to serve our community by supporting local charities while having as much phun as possible. We.bring together like-minded individuals who Paradise Inc.embrace the Party with a  Purpose belief and who are committed to making a real difference in our community. We may be located in the phlat and dusty Panhandle of Texas,  but our souls are in paradise where living is easy, phun is mandatory, and you can always find a phriend and a place in the shade.
The purpose of PPS is to provide charitable and educational activities promoting the general welfare of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle  In fact, since you’re still reading, we bet we’re a “PHlock” like you! If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, join us at our next club function, or just sign up to be a member! We’d be happy to have you aboard!
If you would like more information on becoming a member, please visit our Membership page and join in the PHun!

Contact Us:  prairie.sharks@gmail.com

Our club is a local 501 (c) non-profit chapter of the Parrot Heads in Paradise, Inc., whose purpose is to assist in community and environmental concerns and provide a variety of social activities for people who are interested in the music of Jimmy Buffett and the tropical lifestyle he personifies.