"Hola! Jimmy Buffett is coming to Dos Equis Pavilion (Starplex) in Dallas,…


Jimmy Buffett is coming to Dos Equis Pavilion (Starplex) in Dallas, TX on June 8, 2019.

Club Ticket Price is $146.00.

Remember, a request for tickets is a commitment to pay for said tickets.”

So, with that being said… AND PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY….

The Club tickets are RESERVED SEATING. I, and some others in our group, will NOT BE BUYING CLUB SEATS. We will be buying LAWN TICKETS. If you want RESERVED SEATING, you need to let me know via email to PRAIRIE.SHARKS@gmail.com and have your money to me by 1/15. If you do NOT get your money to me by 1/15, I will not be ordering you tickets. You MUST be a member of our club to get club tickets…

Now, if you do NOT want reserved seats and wish to have Lawn seats, ie. General Admission (grass area with no seats), I will let YOU BE IN CHARGE OF GETTING YOUR OWN TICKETS. They go on sale 1/11. I will update as information is available. ??????