A word about what your club accomplished this year. We've raised over $8,0…

A word about what your club accomplished this year.

We've raised over $8,000 for cystic fibrosis and juvenile diabetes by having a golf tourney, super bowl party, phlocking of the flamingos and a jewelry party. We also had a our first party last July, Halloween party and Christmas party to raise money for those entities. At the Christmas party we did a money and gift card tree for a local family to help with Christmas.

We gave food and money for snak pak 4 kids.
The club gave food to Sanborn Church for their program.
We put together am-trikes through ambucs to benefit kids and adults unable to get around on their own.
We have a 2-mile stretch of road where we pick up trash north of town on 287 that we did in April and do it again this fall.
The club donated $2000 to tornado relief efforts in okc.
We had planned on bringing in jimmy parrish to sing and raise money back in February, but instead we got 20 in of snow.
Participated in chili cook-off for jdrf.
Volunteered at the Buckners breakfast with Santa.
We had a family picnic on 7/27 at belmar park where the club cooked burgers and dogs for 55 people.
We typically have 30-40 people at our monthly happy hours.

AND about 25 of us went to Frisco Texas back in April to see jimmy buffett in concert and had a large time!!!

Coming up, we will be having a racquetball tourney in Nov, sponsoring a water booth for jdrf walk Sept 7 , raising money for sharing hope ministry during our next few happy hours, more music coming in October and more fun!

Come be a part of the club and get involved!!