Good morning Parrot heads. We have a couple of opportunities for volunteer work this weekend, the 19th and then again on 8/26.
First is this weekend for Emi’s color shoot. They need 6-8 volunteers to serve Lunch and Dinner for the shooters. Lunch would be 10-2 and Dinner would be from 4-8 on Saturday. Contact Meg at 806.674.7554 if you are able to help.
Second is a Charity golf tourney on 8/29. The tourney is at Comanche golf course and they need volunteers to assist with signins and other things. Be at Comanche at 815am and you should be done by 230pm. Lunch will be served for all volunteers. Contact Charles Leard if you can help out at 806.584.4236.
If you are able to volunteer for either or both events, please send your volunteer hours to me at 806.676.9494 or Kellie at 806.433.1187.
Thank you and I hope some of you will be able to help!