A message from the President about 2013…..

Good day Parrot Heads!! I wanted to post a message about this fantastic club and the accomplishments we had in 2013. If you are a member and do not get involved in these activities and enjoy the phun, then you are missing out. Your Board works very hard to create events and plan things for you. We want YOU to get involved and enjoy time with a great group of people. Here's a taste of what we did in 2013 and a few things coming up in 2014.

First of all we had over 150 volunteer hours in 2013. That's not near what it could be and our goal for 2014 in over 200 hours.

Next the club generated and dispersed over $9,225 dollars to charities such as JDRF, Epilepsy Foundation, Sharing Hope Ministries, Snack Pak 4 Kids, Carla Contreras, COPA (to assist tornado victims in Ok) and prostate awareness and research. I think our goal for 2014 should be $10,000!!

We had great representation at Meeting of the Minds in Key West last year and more of us plan to go this year at the end of October.

Here are some things to look forward to this year…

1/24 – HH at I Don't Know Bar and Grill
2/2 – Super Bowl party
2/21 – HH TBD
3/29 – Casino Night!!! TBD
Golf Tournament (raised a lot of money last year!)
Jimmy Buffett concert in Frisco, Tx (we hope. dates to be announced)
That's just a start.

If you haven't renewed your membership, PLEASE do so. $20 pp for your annual dues, which we collect in June, so if you let your membership lapse, you can rejoin for $10 until June.

A couple of other things… we are in need of a Marketing person. If you are interested in getting involved and want to help your group, please let us know.
Also, as an FYI – members are welcome to attend Board meetings and anyone that is a member is also welcome to the clubs financial data. We are an open book and encourage participation!!!

Make 2014 the year YOU get involved. It is very rewarding and a heck of a lot of phun!!!

Brad Phillips
Panhandle Prairie Sharks